Hey there, hope you are doing well.

I have been thinking about the work that I do and how I spend most of my time; a lot of it is performing new or different custom analysis for clients. No two requests are quite alike. I thought that it might be useful to start posting some quick tutorials on how I go about this. Obviously there are always different or more sophisticated approaches and that is lovely but this is how you can get from nothing to something, quickly. 

The videos will be short, I like to think of them as 5 minute tutorials and very focused. Instead of creating one hour long video on how to do something big I would rather create 10 or 12 shorter videos. This way you can skip to those that pertain to what you are doing. The range of topics that I am planning to cover are Alteryx, Tableau, SQL, GIS and other open-source analysis tools like Talend, QGIS, etc.

There is no formal training or guide book on how to become an analyst and almost everything I know now I had to figure out. I am sharing some of that knowledge so you don't have to figure it out too.

Here is the first video.

Let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts on them or have something you want me to cover. 

- Nate