My brother-in-law sent me the below video as a follow-up to a pretty deep conversation we had this weekend regarding chasing your dreams or 'jumping' as you will see here soon. The message is simple, there is a difference between living and existing. In video, Steve Harvey, states that in order to live you must be in pursuit of your dreams; which I completely agree with. Watch the video and see for yourself...

Hopefully you are as inspired by the video as I was. And if you never read the rest of this post because you are off 'jumping', more power to you! What started this conversation with my brother-in-law was around the topic of starting my own consulting company. An idea I have been tossing around internally and that has been tossed at me by others far too often to ignore.

There are voices in my head that are telling me to do it, there are voices externally that also are telling me to do it... there is opportunity and there is also risk... The question that I posed to my brother-in-law and this is a pretty significant fear that I have: What if I do nothing? What if I wake up tomorrow and the voices are gone? That is a scary thought to me. As much as I ignore the thoughts and voices, as I call them, I would miss them. I don't want them to go away.

I don't know exactly what I am going to do next but I know that I am going to do something. I have done nothing thus far, nothing serious at least in this pursuit, and I know where that has taken me. What is the harm in trying: failure, rejection and/ or humiliation in the face of others.... sure, that would suck! But, if I do nothing, I will have failed to act on my accord.... I would have rejected my own dream... and I surely would feel some sense of embarrassment and humiliation for being too scared to act. I mean if I am going to be made to feel like a fool I would at least rather it be cast upon me by others than to cast those feelings onto myself. I imagine I could disappoint a lot of people, I would rather not be on that list. 

Anyways... just wanted to share that with you all. Good luck finding your cliff and here is to hoping you Jump!